[Tkabber] Some Georoster questions

Marshall Rose mrose at dbc.mtview.ca.us
Sun May 18 15:36:11 MSD 2003

> I have it, as it should be, but it does not work:
> 	kingston			18.00	-76.80
actually, you have multiple tabs between "kingston" and
"18.00". georoster expects the file to have one tab in between each
field, e.g.,
 	kingston	18.00	-76.80    
> But how does Tkabber know that it should look into this file?

it finds all files named ??.coords in the same directory that the file
georoster.tcl lives in.
> And for what do I need those lines:
>     set plugins::georoster::options(coords,jm)
>     ~/.tkabber/plugins/georoster/jm.coords
you don't need that line. however, if you have your own private version
of jm.coords, you can use a line like that to override the file in the
default location.

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