[Tkabber] Newbie questions

Frank Bauer frank_c_bauer at yahoo.com
Sat May 24 07:27:52 MSD 2003

I'm using tkabber 0.9.4beta / 0.9.5-current-cvs and I
don't understand several things:

1. Services/Admin tools/Open statistics monitor/
   opens new tab, but I can see no data, just column

2. Services/Message archive/
   doesn't show any messages, although I have bunch of
   files ~/.tkabber/logs/<jid_name>

3. This one is probably more generally oriented:
   What is avatar for (Allow downloading, announce)?
   it something else than user's info?

4. Oh, and just one more question:
   What features are planned for 0.9.5?
   It seems like a good idea to summarize several key
   features of each release somewhere into
   documentation for us, plain users.
   Changelog is too long and has info useful for
   developers or users who get inside the thing, e.g:

        * muc.tcl: MUC compatibility now checked
                   via disco

   I suppose it is good thing, but I don't know what
   is disco and I don't know what is MUC either.
   Does it have impact for me, plain user? I don't
   know, so I would really appreciate some short
   summary of (user-visible) features for each

                       Frank Bauer

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