[Tkabber] and a minor feature request

Dendik N.F. dendik at zmail.ru
Sat Nov 1 10:39:51 MSK 2003

Hi, all.

On Fri, 31 Oct 2003 10:26:53 -0800
  Marshall Rose 
<mrose+internet.jabber.tkabber at dbc.mtview.ca.us> wrote:
>if you "Browse" a server, you can click on one of the ...

Oh... and (if anyone at all bothers about feature 
requests) I'd like
to request one other minor (and simple) feature: some of 
functions that really depend on the exact connection, do 
not have any
way to choose which one of active connections to use, e.g 
Discovery, Filters, Privacy Rules, Edit my info (and even, 
RawXML window -- to have less info on one screen and thus 
it a bit more understandable when watching several 
(It has raised in my memory in this topic because i 
suffered several
times from inablity to choose connection when using Browse 
Discovery -- especially on different servers)

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