[Tkabber] complicated feature request

Marshall Rose mrose+internet.jabber.tkabber at dbc.mtview.ca.us
Sat Nov 1 08:10:17 MSK 2003

> >    i want the ability to "iconify" a chat window back to 
> >the roster window.
> >...
> I think this feature is best split into two (or even 
> three) features:
> ...
i think i wasn't clear in what the root problem is.
you can encoded a lot more information with one line per roster entry
going top-down than you can with one tab per chat window going
the reason is that with the roster entries, you're using a constant
number of a few pixels for each entry.
with the chat tabs, you're using a variable number of pixels for each
plus, with the roster entry, you have a scroll-bar going along the
length of the roster, whilst with the chat tabs you have a couple of
scroll buttons placed at opposite ends of the tabs. so, moving in the
roster is much easier than moving in the tabs.
i suppose a truly radical suggestion would be to dump the chat tabs
altogether and do all navigation by the roster...

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