[Tkabber] and a minor feature request

Dendik N.F. dendik at zmail.ru
Mon Nov 3 00:40:03 MSK 2003

Hi, all.

On Sat, 1 Nov 2003 08:05:35 -0800
  Marshall Rose 
<mrose+internet.jabber.tkabber at dbc.mtview.ca.us> wrote:
>> I would not recommend you to use multiple connections at 
>>all. Much simpler and
>> more convenient to run several instances of Tkabber.
>ditto. i can not tell you how much grief the 
>multiple-connection stuff causes.

Well, that is NOT a reason to have a buggy (or incomplete)
feature in a program. !!!

And after all there are still several reasons for me to 
multiple connections:
   1. i mostly use quite slow (hmm.. quite slow i mea 
   computer and waiting for about half a minute for 
   to start is too long sometimes. (oh, did i mention that 
   have a bad habit to install every tkabber plugin i 
   2. i use really exotic window manager which has almost
   no geometry management (and even has trouble with 
   tkabber mode) and thus having several tkabber instances
   is also GREATLY unwieldy.

By the way i just remembered one more bug i wish someday
fixed in tkabber (and i suppose it is easy to fix, but
[common-song] i have no time right now to find out how and
do it myself): after i log off a connection in tkabber,
if there were some contacts available, their status will
still be available after i log in again, even if they are
not in fact. Though maybe it is not a bug of tkabber, but
rather a bug of JIT?

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