[Tkabber] RH9

Dendik N.F. dendik at zmail.ru
Thu Sep 4 00:18:24 MSD 2003


I am not RH user, but there are several facts that may
help you:
   1. This is most likely problem displaying unicode (as
     a non-latin-language-speaker i can tell it quite
   2. As i know RH likes to have locale C.UTF-8... but
     i tested it with that locale and it had no problems.
   3. Do you have any unicode fonts (any font with
     registry=iso10646, i.e. '*-iso10646-*-')? Try
     saying 'set font ...' with one of such fonts
     by hand in ~/.tkabber/config.tcl
   4. If that does not help... then, i hope, someone more
     educated will help you.

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