[Tkabber] Thanks

Jeffrey Chimene jec at systasis.net
Wed Sep 3 16:40:30 MSD 2003

To Tkabber developers:

Thanks for your fine work! I just successfully installed Tkabber on my
Debian Woody Alpha box.

I have one question and a few comments.

Question: Is there something I can contribute to make Tkabber Blackbox
		  friendly? I'd like to minimize Tkabber when idle. Problem is
		  that I don't get notification when a message arrives. Do I
		  need to mention that sound is unavailable? As you know, one
		  of Blackbox's strengths is that minimized applications do
		  not occupy screen real estate. So, all the visual cues are
		  not available.

Comment:  I'm not a Debian developer, but shouldn't the i386 in the
		  .deb name be "all"? OTHOH, can I just change the .deb name
		  and then run apt?

Comment:  I realize that Tkabber can run from *any*
		  directory. However, as I'm not a professional sysadmin, I'd
		  like some guidance in the documentation as to which
		  directory to use w/r/t the LSB (?)

Executive ability is prominent in your make-up.

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