[Tkabber] Thanks

Alexey Shchepin alexey at sevcom.net
Tue Sep 9 13:09:04 MSD 2003

Hello, Jeffrey!

On Wed, 3 Sep 2003 15:40:30 -0700, you said:

 JC> To Tkabber developers: Thanks for your fine work! I just
 JC> successfully installed Tkabber on my Debian Woody Alpha box.

 JC> I have one question and a few comments.

 JC> Question: Is there something I can contribute to make Tkabber
 JC> Blackbox friendly? I'd like to minimize Tkabber when
 JC> idle. Problem is that I don't get notification when a message
 JC> arrives. Do I need to mention that sound is unavailable? As you
 JC> know, one of Blackbox's strengths is that minimized applications
 JC> do not occupy screen real estate. So, all the visual cues are not
 JC> available.

Try to switch off option Tkabber->Customize->Sound->notify_online.

 JC> Comment: I'm not a Debian developer, but shouldn't the i386 in
 JC> the .deb name be "all"?

Yes, it should be "all", I hope this will be fixed in next release.

 JC> OTHOH, can I just change the .deb name and then run apt?

 JC> Comment: I realize that Tkabber can run from *any*
 JC> directory. However, as I'm not a professional sysadmin, I'd like
 JC> some guidance in the documentation as to which directory to use
 JC> w/r/t the LSB (?)

I think "make PREFIX=/usr install" will install tkabber according to
filesystem hierarchy standard.

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