[Tkabber] Some question

Fabio Sirna farnis at libero.it
Thu Sep 18 13:50:17 MSD 2003

Hi :)
I try your great program Tkabber. It's very customizable.
I've changed the color of Tkabber, but I can't change the black color of
the tree...if someone want a screenshot I can send it.

Another question is how to change the cursor with the default cursor of
WindowMaker (or X)? Because any time that I click over a menu, the
cursor is mirrored. I don't know why.

The last question is that I make a custom config for my purpose, but I
don't know how to include the file *.tcl in the directory

I write a config.tcl in ~/.tkabber directory, but I want to include for
example the emoticons.tcl, without cut&paste.

When I'll finished my theme, if someone want, I can send it, or just
a screenshot for the Tkabber web site.

Thanx for your great work! Tkabber is the best client Jabber that I've


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