[Tkabber] problem with taskbar icons in windows

Ibon Irijoa iirijoa at plazagunea.com
Mon Sep 22 14:43:30 MSD 2003

Hi everybody!

First of all, greetings to the programmers of tkabber! I like very much this program ;-)

Mainly I use it on Windows, and I would like to change the taskbar icon and use the system tray, so I started installing winico v. 0.3. But when I run the teki.tcl file (btw, I have tcl 8.4 installed) (in the command line: wish84 -f teki.tcl), I get the following message:

can't read "tcl_pkgPath": no such variable 
while executing 
"list $tcl_pkgPath"
(procedure "TekiGetAllPkgInfo" line 26)
invoked from within
(file "C:\tcl\winico31\teki\teki.tcl" line 2388)

I think all the path definitions in autoexec.bat are correct. Also, I have heard that winico0.3 has problems with tcl versions newer than 8.0. Maybe I would have to use winico 0.4? But this is very hard to find in the Internet... Also, I have seen a file called taskbar.tcl in the tkabber's plugins folder for windows. I suppose I will have to invoke it from config.tcl file, is this correct?

Thank you very much


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