[Tkabber] anyone running tkabber on mac os x?

Marshall Rose mrose at dbc.mtview.ca.us
Fri Apr 23 05:11:28 MSD 2004

i have just submitted a patch to alexey containing a whole bunch of 
small diffs to make tkabber work on AquaBI (the version of tcl/tk for 
mac os x).

here are few things that folks should keep in mind when adding things 
to tkabber.

1. in the past $tcl_platform(platform) could be used to determine the 
identities of both the operating system and the windowing system. that 
is no longer true. $tcl_platform(platform) tells you about the former, 
while [tk windowingsystem] tells you about the latter. for mac os x, 
the operating system is "unix", but the windowing system is "aqua".

2. to the largest extent possible, use existing extensions, not new 
extensions. a surprisingly large number of packages come with AquaBI. 
however, support for gpgme, sasl, and idletime didn't. i've yet to 
begin to port these.

3. overall, it works pretty well, though i think there may be some 
utf-8 uncleanliness somewhere. maybe it's just my imagination. however, 
one thing that is still broken is the balloon help, if the balloon 
appears outside the tk window, it works. if it appears on top of the 
window, it flashes briefly and then disappears. i thought i was using 
the right magic to avoid this (e.g., [tk::unsupported::MacWindowStyle], 
but that doesn't help enough).


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