[Tkabber] 2 questions: Conference, SSL-self-cert.

Stephan Dietl lotussteve at cargal.org
Sun Jan 18 20:44:23 MSK 2004


I`ve got two questions:

a.) I got the hint from a friend of mine who uses the tkabber-pack on
Win2000 that he can join conferences automatically.

When i try to use for example this config with my 0.9.5beta:

# Join groupchats automatically at the start (other available option:
# -nick <yournick>)
proc connload {connid} {
       join_group TEST at jabber.TEST.org -connection $connid  }
       hook::add connected_hook connload 1000

I get the errormessage that connload is not set (or something like
that). Is this not possible in 0.9.5?

b.) Another friend of mine uses 0.9.6beta on Gentoo and noticed that he
now gets a popup window when acessing our server because we use a
self-certified SSL certificate and finds that quite annoying :) .

Can one stop the client from popping up the window / asking the question

Many thanks in advance,


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