[Tkabber] 2 questions: Conference, SSL-self-cert.

Sergei Golovan sgolovan at kengu.ru
Sun Jan 18 21:55:06 MSK 2004

On Sun, Jan 18, 2004 at 06:44:23PM +0100, Stephan Dietl wrote:
> Hello!
> I`ve got two questions:
> a.) I got the hint from a friend of mine who uses the tkabber-pack on
> Win2000 that he can join conferences automatically.
> When i try to use for example this config with my 0.9.5beta:
> # Join groupchats automatically at the start (other available option:
> # -nick <yournick>)
> proc connload {connid} {
>        join_group TEST at jabber.TEST.org -connection $connid  }
>        hook::add connected_hook connload 1000
> I get the errormessage that connload is not set (or something like
> that). Is this not possible in 0.9.5?

0.9.5 doesn't handle multiple connections? so the above example would be:

proc connload {} {
    join_group TEST at jabber.TEST.org nickname
hook::add connected_hook connload 1000

(nickname is mandatory in 0.9.5).

> b.) Another friend of mine uses 0.9.6beta on Gentoo and noticed that he
> now gets a popup window when acessing our server because we use a
> self-certified SSL certificate and finds that quite annoying :) .
> Can one stop the client from popping up the window / asking the question
> altogether?

This warning could be switched off in Customize->Warnings->::::tls_warnings

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