[Tkabber] 2 questions: Conference, SSL-self-cert.

Stephan Dietl lotussteve at cargal.org
Mon Jan 19 04:55:29 MSK 2004

Hello Sergei!

Sergei Golovan <sgolovan at kengu.ru> schrieb:
> 0.9.5 doesn't handle multiple connections? so the above example would be:

Ah, ok, ic, thanks for clarification!
> proc connload {} {
>     join_group TEST at jabber.TEST.org nickname
> }
> hook::add connected_hook connload 1000
> (nickname is mandatory in 0.9.5).

Cool, works like a charm! Thanks a lot!
> This warning could be switched off in Customize->Warnings->::::tls_warnings
> variable.

I will tell this my friend, also thanks!


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