[Tkabber] 2 questions: Conference, SSL-self-cert.

Stephan Dietl lotussteve at cargal.org
Sun Jan 25 20:06:11 MSK 2004


Stephan Dietl <lotussteve at cargal.org> schrieb:
> We use MUC here and when the mentioned user with 0.9.6 enters one of our
> conference rooms he gets:
> can't read "jstat(TEST at jabber.TEST.org)": no such element in array
> can't read "jstat(TEST at jabber.TEST.org)": no such element in array
>     while executing
>     "set status $jstat($jid)"
>         (procedure "roster::redraw" line 245)
> 	    invoked from within
> 	    "roster::redraw"
> 	        ("after" script)
> He then says that his rosterentries below the conferences disappear
> until he makes a "show all/online" --> they reappear.
> He uses tcl/tk 8.4.5 on Gentoo.

This question seems to have slipped through the attention of the list,
can anybody help regarding this errormessage?

Many thanks in advance,


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