[Tkabber] serious breakage in current tkabber

Alexey Shchepin alexey at sevcom.net
Mon Mar 1 00:34:36 MSK 2004

Hello, Marshall!

On Sun, 29 Feb 2004 11:04:07 -0800, you said:

 MR> so, it looks like the ui stuff got completely redone.  unfortunately, the
 MR> changes weren't backwards-compatible, so when my config.tcl script runs,
 MR> tkabber becomes unusable.

 MR> i certainly understand the need, in some cases, to ignore
 MR> backwards-compatibility, but would it have caused injury to send a message
 MR> to the list explaining how to go from the old to the new.

Most of UI-related variables now in "ifacetk" namespace, so in most cases is
enough to append "::ifacetk" in beginning of variable name.

 MR> after deleting my "proc menuload", i can't even use the standard menubar
 MR> to show only online users!
 MR>     Error: can't set "::ifacetk::roster::show_only_online": invalid
 MR> command name ".mainframe.topf.tb0.bbox.b3"
 MR> to say that i am unhappy is an understatement...
Strange, ".mainframe.topf.tb0.bbox.b3" should be a path to "show only online
users" button in toolbar, and it seems this error means that it is not created
by some reason...

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