[Tkabber] serious breakage in current tkabber

Marshall Rose mrose+internet.jabber.tkabber at dbc.mtview.ca.us
Tue Mar 2 00:48:41 MSK 2004

> Variables roster::roster(collapsed,<groupname>) are now unusable. Tkabber
> saves group states at logout and restores them at login.
> > > Strange, ".mainframe.topf.tb0.bbox.b3" should be a path to "show only
> > > online users" button in toolbar, and it seems this error means that it is
> > > not created by some reason...
> > 
> > hmmm... try using this config.tcl and see what you get when you try to
> > show only online users...
> I've tried. It works fine (I didn't see error messages).
well, if you look at the proc finload in that config.tcl, it destroys
.mainframe.topf (too much clutter for my taste).
however, earlier version of .tkabber didn't care whether this frame
existed or not...
but, i see the show_toolbar option, so i'll disable that!

so, let's call this one solved!

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