[Tkabber] Problems with Tkabber 0.9.6b and Tcl/Tk 8.4.6

Michael Kohl citizen428 at cargal.org
Tue Mar 16 00:07:25 MSK 2004

Hi everyone.

I hope that this list is the right place to submit a bug, but as the
current link in Tkabber's Drupal page doesn't work, I didn't know where
else I could post it.

Here's the problem: 

When entering the conference XXX at jabber.XXX.org, I get the
following errror message:

can't read "jstat(XXX at jabber.XXX.org)": no such element in array
can't read "jstat(XXX at jabber.XXX.org)": no such element in array
    while executing
"set status $jstat($jid)"
    (procedure "roster::redraw" line 245)
    invoked from within
    ("after" script)

After this all my roster items below the conference just disappear.
Toggling the bulb icon (show/don't show offline users) makes them come
back, but the list won't refresh when a contact logs on or off or
changes his status, the toggling does the trick again.

Another thing that might be of interest: when accessing another
conference on this server (XXX at conference.localhost), this problem
*doesn't* appear. Seems like it makes a difference if the conference
gets accessed from localhost or resolved by the external IP.

Program versions for all dependencies on a Gentoo Linux system, as I
don't know which component could cause this error:

tcl & tk: 8.4.6
tclxml-expat: 2.4
tclgpgme: 1.0
tcllib: 1.3
bwidget: 1.4.1
tls: 1.4.1
tkxwin: 1.0
tktheme: 1.0

I hope I could provide some useful information to fix this rather
annoying bug, if you need more information just ask!


GnuPG-key-ID: 0x90CA09E3
Jabber-ID: citizen428 [at] cargal [dot] org
Registered Linux User #278726
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