[Tkabber] anyone running tkabber on mac os x?

Badlop badlop at ono.com
Sat May 1 14:09:18 MSD 2004

Marshall Rose escribió:
> a surprisingly large number of packages come with AquaBI. 
> however, support for gpgme, sasl, and idletime didn't. i've yet to begin 
> to port these.


I'm interested in potential new revisions of your packages TclGPGme and
TclSASL for two reasons:

* As stated in http://tkabber.jabber.ru/book/view/54 , the original
TclSASL package (http://beepcore-tcl.sourceforge.net/tclsasl.html)
produces errors when compiling (on my Debian sid, on Mandrake 9 and on
FreeBSD). Lolaine made some modifications so now it can be successfully
compiled. http://tkabber.jabber.ru/files/submission/tclsasl-1.0-lln.tar.gz

Request: if you are already going to update TclSASL for AquaBi support,
could you check it succesfully compiles on modern *nixes, at least for
you? If not, please update the makefile (tclsasl-1.0-lln may help you).

* I've successfully compiled GPG, GPGme and Cyrus SASL on MS Windows
using MinGW, but both TclGPGme and TclSASL's makefiles did not
successfully compile. I also tried in Cygwin and the same problems
arised, so it seems TclGPGme and TclSASL current packages can't be
compiled for MS Windows.

Request: after porting to AquaBI, could you add support for MinGW or
Cygwin to TclGPGme and/or TclSASL? I think that it will only require
some modifications on configure or makefile, but I have not been able to
make them.

I'll happily test new revisions of those packages in different operating
systems if you don't have time to check them.

I also wrote a table for keeping track of available packages for
different operating systems distributions. If someone can provide more
information please contact me or add a comment in the page.


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