[Tkabber] anyone running tkabber on mac os x?

Marshall Rose mrose+internet.jabber.tkabber at dbc.mtview.ca.us
Sat May 8 08:42:16 MSD 2004

attached are tclgpgme and tclsasl which run on mac os x. let me know if 
they run on your system.

at this point, with the last set of diffs that i sent to alexey, you 
have the following libraries working on mac os x with AquaBI:

tcl/tk, bwidget, tcllib
Img, snack
OpenSSL, TLS, GPG, GPGme*, tclgpgme, tclsasl
tkcon, ispell*

* = downloaded via fink

i have no idea what Xosd is.


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