[Tkabber] Re: Bind ejabberd on special ip

Frank Niedermann fbn at thelogic.org
Mon Oct 4 00:53:26 MSD 2004

Hi again,

I'm very sorry this posting should not be on the Tkabber list, it was
written for the ejabberd list.

I'm not allowed to cancel my article so I'm writing this followup as


Frank Niedermann <fbn at thelogic.org> wrote:
> Hi,
> is it possible to bind ejabberd on a special ip? I have a server with
> two ip adresses, the first is serving an apache on port 443 and the
> second ip should serve ejabberd on port 443.
> Is that possible?
> Regards,
>  Frank

  Mail: fbn at thelogic.org
  XMPP: fbn at charente.de

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