[Tkabber] Tkabber 0.10.0 is released

Sergei Golovan sgolovan at gmail.com
Thu Apr 12 22:07:38 MSD 2007


I'm pleased to announce a new stable release of Tkabber and Tkabber
plugins (0.10.0).

Some new features with respect to 0.9.9 are:

  *  New artwork by Artem Bannikov
  *  Mediated SOCKS5 connection support for file transfer (XEP-0065)
  *  Blocking communication with users not in roster (using XEP-0016
via simple interface)
  *  Translatable outgoing error messages support (based on
recipient's xml:lang)
  *  Remote controlling clients support (XEP-0146)
  *  Extended stanza addressing support (XEP-0033)
  *  New chats history tool with search over the all chatlog files
  *  Roster item icons are chosen based on Disco queries to item server
  *  Search in Disco, Browser, Headlines, RawXML, and Customize windows
  *  New internal plugins: abbrev allows to abbreviate words in chat
input windows, postpone stores/restores current input window content
  *  New external plugins (aniemoticons, latex, tkabber-khim, traffic, renju)
  *  Emoticons theme now can be loaded using GUI
  *  Most Tkabber's tabs can now be stored on exit and restored on start
  *  XMPP ping support (XEP-0199). Reconnecting based on XMPP ping replies
  *  Delayed delivery now recognizes XEP-0203 timestamps
  *  Added optional 'My Resources' roster group, which contains other
connected resources of the same JID
  *  Many other fixes and enhancements

The new release is available at
http://files.jabber.ru/tkabber/tkabber-0.10.0.tar.gz and

More info and download options are at http://tkabber.jabber.ru/download

Sergei Golovan

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