[ejabberd] client access control

Jan Koum jan.koum at gmail.com
Mon Jun 8 10:35:49 MSD 2009

hi there,

i installed ejabberd today, got it work with adium/ichat and wanted to ask
you all a couple of things:

1. i am working on adding jabber support into my iphone app and i want to
configure the server in such a way that only my app can register new users
and login into the server.  is there anything i can do on the server end to
configure this?  ssl client authentication or something other client
authentication i can build into the xmpp client?

2. since this is an iphone app, the network can drop at any moment.  is
there a way for a server to quickly discover that client has disconnected so
it can begin to store messages for offline delivery?


-- yan
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